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While you and your guests are enjoying the wedding breakfast, catching up with old friends and family and meeting new friends and family, why not set the mood with some quiet background music. Never too loud and not too quiet, we can set the volume just right to bring a little ambience to the occasion.

We will discuss with you your preference to the type or style of music played and play any specific songs that you want and even work to a play-list chosen by you if you should desire.


When it comes to the evening party and when it's time to crank up the volume a little and get the party started, your Wedding DJ is now at the helm of your party and Richard will be looking to get your guests whipped up into party mood. With a huge amount of experience this is where he comes into his own, however, that doesn't mean that you should just leave him to it.

It's your wedding party and you should have it your way! We encourage our customers to compile play-lists with certain or specific songs that you “must have” played or even provide a play-list of your favourite songs where you want them “all” played. We can discuss all this with you when we meet up in person to take some specifics and get to know each other.

More important than picking the music you do want, is picking what you don't want! If you can't stand 'The Birdie Song' then make sure to tell us so that we can avoid it. If you don't want heavy metal, techno, hip hop or any other specific type of music, then let us know and we will avoid it. If guests request heavy metal and you've specifically asked for it not to be played, then the guests will be advised politely  'No, I’m afraid we can't play that today sorry'.

Picking the music that you want or don't want can make all the difference to the feel of your party and we pride ourselves on getting it just right for the customer.